Power beyond limits for absolute independence

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Power beyond limits in all weather conditions

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Power beyond limits anytime

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Industry Standard for Small Generators

SIQENS – Clean Energy, Anywhere.

Siqens has created the first industry standard for clean power-on-demand in the 1 kW range. Siqens addresses the dynamically growing market of renewable energy for remote locations. We offer our customers a clean, silent, low maintenance and 100% reliable source of energy.

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Our Solution Advantages

  • 100% supply security
  • silent
  • low operating costs
  • independent of sun & wind
  • exceptional low maintenance
  • easy re-fuelling
  • clean energy, no harmful emissions

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The need for a reliable and clean energy supply in the field continues to grow. It is a huge market with excellent growth opportunities.

Proven fuel cell technology further optimized

Patented development of robust technology

Hydrogen fuel cells have been in operational use for decades. Methanol is an easy to handle fuel. Siqens has developed a concept, which combines the advantages of methanol with proven hydrogen fuel cells. A far more cost-effective and efficient system with the advantages of diesel-like fuels is now on offer. How does Siqens do this? Using a patented reforming process, Siqens is able to use the methanol contained in the hydrogen to produce electricity and heat in the hydrogen fuel cell.

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